Go new places with Atlas Van Lines and DeVries

Since 1981, we have moved countless families and offices. Our specialty is listening to how you want it done and making that happen. We have a wide range of abilities and resources to get most anything accomplished. If just you are moving or you are charged with the responsibility of coordinating your large office relocation, we have the knowledge and professionals to handle all aspects of your move.


Whether you’re moving to a home in another city and state, to a home across town, or to a home in another country, you need a moving company with decades of experience moving families like yours.

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Since 1981, DeVries Moving Packing Storage has been providing people with the local, long distance and international moving services you need.

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Our storage solutions cover a broad range of options for household belongings and commercial furnishings and fixtures in our climate controlled warehouse.

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Third party logistics or "3PL" is the integration of a company’s warehousing, transportation, and related logistics services through an outsourced or "third party" partnership. When looking to outsource all or part of your company’s logistics function it is important to look for a third party logistics provider with proven expertise.

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