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Since 1981, we’ve made the move with thousands of businesses and families and played an important role in operating seamless transitions.

Washington State University

In May of 2016 we entered into a five year contract with Washington State University to provide relocation services for their football program. We are responsible for transporting all of the equipment to the five away games in the 2016 -2017 football season as well as any championship and Bowl games this year. We will provide the equipment and drivers that will be responsible for meeting tight delivery timelines as well as assisting in setting up the visiting team locker rooms and sideline activities. We also had the trailer entirely wrapped in WSU logos and designs and we are looking forward to our partnership with Washington State University.

Pepsi Beverages Company

September 2012 – Pepsi Beverages Company relocated its office and two warehouses, moving 135 employees form 57,000 sq ft to 80,000 sq ft. One warehouse was in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho was consolidated with the Spokane operations and offices. DeVries moved office furnishings, display materials, safes, computers and warehouse items. E-crates were used for office packing and miscellaneous items.  The move was completed over 3 days, on time and on budget.  DeVries was able to locate used office cubicles for Pepsi to purchase and our installation crew was able to present a floor plan that was acceptable and created 30 new workstations for office personnel.

US Bank

March through April of 2012 - US Bank did a complete remodel of their main branch in downtown Spokane.  The move entailed the removal of 6 floors of furniture which either came back to our warehouse for storage or moving the furniture to a temporary location within the building, then moving it back and reinstalling it after construction was completed.  Also involved was the distribution of the used furniture to other branches within the Spokane area and other donation centers.  This move was done over a two month period with over 700 man hours, and 200 truck hours.


January 2012 through March of 2012 - we moved Servatron from their 62,000 square foot location on Euclid, to their new larger facility on Mirabeau Parkway in the Spokane Valley.  Servatron has a long history of manufacturing, cable assembly, electronic repair and quality finished goods.  With over 175 employees contents, modular furniture, computers, racking, milling machines, 4 - Copper Lindgren Enclosures and 3 – 60 foot washer lines, this two month move was accomplished with over 1750 man hours, and 550 truck hours on time and on budget.

DeVries Moving Packing Storage

December  2011 through February 2012  - DeVries Moving Packing Storage moved after 31 years of being in business at the same location. The move from the Spokane Industrial Park, building 22 (80,000 sq feet of warehouse space and offices) to our new building at 112 N. Haven was a tight 6 week process.  With over three decades of storage, racking, and supplies, our accumulation of 31 years took over 150 tractor trailer loads of customer house hold vaulted storage and commercial storage items.  A portion of warehouse racking had to be installed before the process could begin. Once portions of the racking were set the moving process could begin.  What made this a challenge was that we had to give our new offices a facelift while at the same time moving the warehouse and it’s storage. The office was furnished with like new workstations and panels.  Our complete relocation was accomplished in a short time frame all while being able to continue servicing our customers daily needs.


In March of 2011, we relocated the corporate headquarters for Telect in Liberty Lake, WA.  Telect is a repeat customer since their initial move 1988. Their current move took place in 3 phases, relocating over 90 personnel and their contents into their new two story facility.  Numerous meetings where held to help educate their staff in packing and labeling, preparing them for a smooth relocation and placement of individual workstation belongings and common work areas and storage.


We have assisted Telect, Inc., as they have grown.  In 1988, Telect moved into their new corporate offices at Liberty Lake, WA.  At that time they had approximately 300 employees of which 120 were in workstations and the remainder were employed in their manufacturing facility doing assembly work.  Again, we were involved in the receiving and installation as well as moving their corporate offices to this new location.  Telect now employs almost 1000 and we have been involved in the three expansions and additions of workstations at their current location, and continue to handle all of their Steelcase furniture reconfiguration and moving services.


In February of 2010, we started a two phase remodel project for Worksource in Spokane WA.  This consisted of relocating 125 personnel in stages and for reconstruction and improvements of their existing offices, painting and re-carpeting of their entire building then coordinating the transportation of 5 semi loads of excess product back to Olympia to finish the project.  


Gonzaga University

In August of 2009, Gonzaga University completed construction their newest dorm, Coughlin Hall.  This beautiful new five story building will house over 660 students to the enrollment of the university.  Our crews were responsible for off loading, installing and detailing over 12 semis of new bedroom furniture for these new students to move into.

Kootenai-Shoshone Library’s

In the fall of 2007, Kootenai-Shoshone Library’s completed construction of new additions to their existing libraries.  The Idaho libraries that received expansions were Pinehurst, Spirit Lake, Athol, Rathdrum, Harrison and the main Hayden Idaho facility.  DeVries Moving Packing Storage provided the labor services to vacate all the contents in the existing buildings into containers for temporary storage until the construction was completed.  Our crews then were responsible to assemble the new library shelving at each location and return the books back into their correct areas and departments.

Newport Hospital and Health Services

In August of 2016 we consolidated and relocated two separate locations in Newport, WA of the new Newport Hospital and Health Services building. This move was completed over two separate weekends to accommodate patients and minimize disruptions to the hospital personnel. Thru proper planning and a coordinated effort with hospital staff they were able to continue operations throughout the moving process. We moved over 140 staff including doctor’s offices and medical equipment to their new hospital location.

Titan Spring and Wire Inc.

In August of 2007, we were selected by Titan Spring and Wire Inc. to relocate their entire company.  DeVries sent its staff from Spokane to personally manage the packing, loading and transportation of all their offices, and manufacturing equipment from North Hollywood to Hayden.  As loading and transportation began in California, our own company drivers transported the offices and equipment directly to the Hayden facility. The crew that loaded the trucks were then flown back to Hayden to be on site to receive over a million dollars worth of equipment and items for their new facility.  Eleven automobiles, high valued coiling machines, punch presses, office furniture and contents were all up and running, in eleven days, from start to finish, keeping their down time for production a minimal.

Itron Incorporation

In September of 2006, DeVries was selected as the moving company for Itron Incorporation’s relocation.  This move consolidated both the Maribeau Parkway building of 35 employees and their Sullivan Road facility of over 490 employees, into their new 30 million dollar Liberty Lake site.  The DeVries project manager met with over 526 employees in 18 plus meetings to education each employee on materials, packing techniques, proper labeling and answer any of their questions.  The relocation consisted of their personal contents, computers, files cabinets and chairs.  All the lab departments and larger Thermotron ovens were also relocated to their new facility.  This month long project and preplanning meetings, meet all of Itron’s requested schedule needs. The relocation schedule was planned so that there would not be delays in keeping the company on track in production and service for their customers.    

Teck Cominco American Incorporated

Also in September of 2006, DeVries completed it’s third relocation of the offices of Teck Cominco American Incorporated Corporate. This move was from the Spokane Valley location to their new offices in downtown Spokane.  Construction of the new offices was not completed by the date scheduled for their move, so the DeVries project manager worked closely with Teck Cominco to make sure that their needs and requirements were taken care of, in order to stay operational during the relocation.  At the same time, we were moving the offices downtown, we loaded three 53 foot air ride vans of furniture, shelving and equipment from the Spokane Valley facility to Reno, Nevada, where a new office was being set up. DeVries flew our own lead installation technician from Spokane to Reno to help unpack, reassemble shelving, and furniture, so that the office could be functional and back in operation as soon as possible.



January of 2006, we were chosen to move Itronix into their new 10 million dollar facility in the Spokane Valley.  The move happened in two phases during the entire month of January.  DeVries leaders meet with all the employees in six separate meetings to educate them and prepare them for packing and labeling of their move and answer any questions that they may have.  During the move, two managers meeting were schedule each week to pre plan the moving of the different departments, and discuss any changes in their schedules.  The first phase was all the personnel and labs from Stevens street in downtown Spokane, and Phase II was the Liberty Lake facility with personnel, labs, shipping, receiving and Field Services operations.  The personal contents move alone consisted of over 300 people and the receiving production area at Liberty Lake consisted of over 200 personnel.  The DeVries Team was involved also in all the disassemble and reassembly of their receiving area, technical equipment and machines, and 5 motorized conveyors systems, making sure that everything was up and running to meet their production schedules, with little or no down time to their customers.

Safeco Insurance

In the fall of 2004 we were awarded the complete move and relocation of the Safeco Insurance production office in Spokane Valley.  The 12 phase, 11 department move started on 6/28/04 and was completed on 9/24/04, working evenings and weekends so that Safeco's daily operation was not interrupted.  Weekly meetings were held at Safeco

with DeVries, and Safeco management, computer technicians and electricians, all working together as a team to coordinated the completion of each move.  During phases 1-6, the DeVries team dismantled 305 Herman Miller Ethospace Workstations and reconfigured them into 365 stations.  On phases 7-12, we dismantled 290 Herman Miller Action stations at the Safeco Sprague facility, and rebuilt them on the 2nd floor of the Liberty Lake facility, then relocated all the personnel and their contents into the completed stations.  We also cut hundreds of laminated work surfaces to accommodate the newly reconfigured area, then shipping all the remaining product back to Safeco's Redmond Washington facility. 

Central Valley School District

January 2016 – Relocation and shuffle of 5 schools in this overcrowded school district.  This began with moving the Early Learning Center and Barker School into a recently remodeled Yokes (grocery store) now called Mica Peak School.  Evergreen went to the old Barker location, Summit School went to the Early Learning Center and Chester Elementary went to the old Summit .  This shuffling now leaves Evergreen and Chester vacant for remodeling. The Requirement was to move one school a weekend for 5 consecutive weekends of which the start and finish time had to be done over a 48 hour weekend.  This was moving class rooms, music rooms, sport equipment, cafeteria fixtures, libraries and outside storage buildings. 


Central Valley School District completed construction of two new high schools in the summer of 2002.  We were awarded the contract and proceeded to move everything out of the 2 old high schools (Central Valley and University High) to make way for a new parking lot at the new CVHS and the consolidation of Adams and McDonald elementary schools into the old University High school.


August of 2001 marked the year’s most delicate move other than the Cheney Cowles museum, with Pathology Associates, (PAML) moving over 450 employees, a vast number of computer servers and p.c.’s, and millions of dollars worth of sensitive laboratory equipment. This move was completed with minimal disruption to the above mentioned staff from PAML.

Center Partners

Center Partners of Fort Collins, Colorado, specializing in call centers, choose to purchase Kimball Office furniture from our new furniture division. In the spring of 2001, we ordered and installed over 500 new workstations. We were responsible for administering the order, receiving at site, and project management through completed installation. 

Albertson’s Inc

In the years of 1999, 2000, 2001, Albertson’s Inc. grew by acquisition of a few different grocery store chains through out the county. The facilities department in Boise, ID, was responsible for many store remodels and upgrades during this time.  Old racking, freezer cases, shelving, bakery, meat dept, deli dept. equipment/fixtures all had to be removed and stored quickly for contractor trades to complete remodels.  As the old equipment was removed, new equipment and fixtures were ordered and shipped to the various locations.  DeVries was responsible for the asset management of the old fixtures that were put into storage and the receiving in of new fixtures for delivery out as needed.  We selected 16 different warehouses with in the Atlas agency net work that picked up fixtures from stores, received in new fixtures, and stored both used and new fixtures and coordinated deliveries of new fixtures with local contractors.  Items going into storage had to be recorded and their condition assessed. At the end of the remodeling, up grading, and building of the new stores, DeVries was responsible to consolidate to one warehouse or liquidate old and used fixtures.

Lewis & Clark High School

In July/August of 1999, we were awarded the move out of Lewis & Clark High School to their temporary site in the Holley Mason building. This job was approx 3000 man-hours of labor and was complicated because of the lack of elevators and we had to manufacture ramps down 6 flights of stairs to move everything out. The historical society closely monitored our progress and watched as we were very careful not to damage the building as it had to be remodeled while being careful not to change any of the historical

fixtures.  In the summer of 2001, we moved them back into their new 46 million plus dollar building.

Cheney Cowles Museum

In July of 1999, was probably one of our most challenging and delicate moves we have ever done. We relocated the entire office and curatorial staff, and all the irreplaceable collection items of the Cheney Cowles Museum out of their existing building in preparation for a 2 year remodeling project. We did this using a climate controlled trailer and hundreds of carts that we carefully stretch-wrapped to prevent any motion in transport. The move was a complete success and a model for careful moving. In the fall of 2001, we relocated them back in to their 26 million dollar building.


In 1982, we were awarded the installation of 500+ workstations for Cowles Publishing, in Spokane.  There were 22 trailer loads of furniture received for the project.  Two thirds of the product was received at the job site and moved into a five story building. One third of the product was received at a warehouse to be stored for installation a year later after the second phase of their building project was completed.  We were also awarded the move of all employee’s personal effects going into their new workstations. 20 years later we are still involved in work at Cowles Publishing.


DSHS Division of Children & Family Services

In October of 1998, we moved the DSHS Division of Children and Family Services from their old building at 1425 N. Washington to the new Rockpoint complex at 1313 N. Atlantic in Spokane. This project was done over 2 consecutive weekends and involved the relocation of over 250 employees and their electronic equipment, personal contents, and peripheral furniture. This involved a 20 man crew and 5 trucks running 12 hour shifts for 3 days on 2 weekends. The move ran very smoothly due to extensive planning and many meetings.

Farm Credit Services

Anther major project in the Spokane area which has involved a multitude of our services has been moving Farm Credit Services three different times in 17 years.  Each time we have received new furniture at the site, installed all products as per plan, and moved all other office items.  In the fall of 1997, Farm Credit moved 200 people into their new facility with new workstations and new furnishings throughout, including modular walls.

Sterling Savings Bank

In the fall of 1994, we installed over 25 trailer loads of wood case goods, files, seating, accessories and etc. for the corporate offices of Sterling Savings Bank.  The first floor was the downtown main branch for banking activities and the remaining four floors were corporate offices.  All product in this building consisted of three main manufactures and the case goods were all finished in a dark red mahogany.  There were over 30 different fabrics used on a variety of styles of seating that had to be distributed to the different levels of employees within the five story building.  At one point during our installation there were 80 other trades men in the building finishing laying carpeting, ceiling grids, hanging light fixtures, painting and etc. The challenge here was moving the new product through the building, installing it, and then protecting it from other work that was on going within the building.  All in preparation for the move and grand opening that had been scheduled months in advance.

Spokane Public Library

The moving of the downtown Spokane Public Library in 1992 was a great challenge and a job that we are extremely proud of.  The library had to move into a temporary location for one year while their old building was demolished and a new building was built at their original location.  We not only had to move all shelving in sequence with the books that went on each of the shelves but we also had to take great care in keeping the numerical system in tact.  This also involved handling of the historical books and photographic collections.   Each move consisted of the relocation of over 1 million books.  We have been asked to install, reconfigure, and move all public and county libraries since.


In June of 2016 we received seven trailer loads of new Steelcase furniture at the new Comcast Support Center in Liberty Lake WA . In this phase of the project we received and assembled 400 work stations over a three week time frame. We then disassembled moved and reassembled 300 Steelcase workstations from their temporary site on Sullivan Rd to the new facility. We also moved all of their employees, set up game rooms, outdoor furniture etc. The entire project included over 700 workstations, conference rooms and private offices and was completed over a six week time frame. This was completed ahead or schedule and on budget.


July 2015 – Temporary Customer Service Facility. Over 400 new Steelcase Answer workstations installed in 3 week (one week ahead of scheduled completion). Each workstation  was designed  with glass privacy panels on top of the segmented panels with electrical race ways.  Included in this install were 12 private offices and 6 training rooms as well as all seating and miscellaneous office furnishings to complete this facility. Eleven trailers of new product was received at sight.  Phase II of this project will be the teardown, move, and reinstall the project from above as well as the addition of another 300 workstations in the summer of 2016

River’s Inn & Gonzaga University Lodging Project

August of 2015- May 2016 / River’s Inn & Gonzaga University Lodging Project. Gonzaga University’s enrollment was growing and needed more rooms for its students.  On short notice GU decided to move the students into 71 rooms at the Rivers Inn.  All the motel furniture in the Rivers Inn had to be packed, moved and placed into storage and 142 rooms of student dorm furniture moved back in within a 5 day period.  Working 2 shifts, and over a thousand man hours, we made it happen and on a very tight schedule, finishing before the students arrived for their first day of class in the fall of 2015.  May of 2016 the project began again but in reverse. We had to move out all of the student dorm furniture the day after graduation and set up the 71 hotel rooms all in time for the May Lilac Parade festivities less than two weeks away. 

City of Spokane – Transportation Dept

City of Spokane – Transportation Dept – Sept 2015 – We moved this division out of 3 different buildings into on large facility.  The Transportation Dept consisted of storage from the Police dept.,  snow plow division,  and city utility trucks. This move consisted of over 400 tires, mechanical components, offices – all things that a large garage/shop would have stored in it.

Gonzaga Hemmingson Center

June – July of 2015 Gonzaga Hemmingson Center The new 60 million dollar state of the art Hemmingson Activity Center was built on the Gonzaga University Campus and was the students new place to go for dining, studying, and entertainment.  It also was the center for new offices for over 225 employees from various departments throughout the campus and DeVries was selected to educate the staff members and move their belongings. 

Spokane Police Department Museum

May 2015- Spokane Police Department Museum  The Spokane Police Department’s Museum that was located in downtown Spokane, lease was up and DeVries Moving was selected to pack and move the artifacts into a temporary police storage facility until a new building is found.  Hundreds of artifacts and pictures from the beginning of the Police Departments history were handled with care.  The museum held hundreds of pictures including the first Chief of Police and the original gold badge he wore, wanted poster of John Dillinger the famous bank robber, Harley Davidson motor cycle, old guns, handcuffs, ball and chains, and the uniforms from the past.

Bing Crosby Collection

July of 2014- Bing Crosby Collection  Gonzaga University decided to relocate the Bing Crosby Memorabilia from a private display room of the Crosby Student Center to its new location now at the remodeled Crosby House on Campus.  DeVries packed with white gloves and moved the collection and was proud to be selected as their moving company.  This collection was donated by the Crosby family to not only honor Bing but to share his life story with the University where he attended.  This collection was comprised of posters of all his movies he made, pictures of the US tours during WWII with other celebrities, gold records from his famous songs, his pipe, and his Oscar Award he received.

WSU Ops Center

May-June 2014  WSU Ops Center.  The new WSU Operations Center on the Pullman Washington Campus was finished and DeVries Moving’s Commercial staff played a big part in completing the 5 floors of furniture installation in the 75,000 square foot facility.  DeVries received a majority of the furniture in their Spokane Warehouse, and then transported it to the building for installation.  The beautiful building over looks Martin Stadium Football field and consists of all the coaches offices, meeting rooms, recruiting room, lounge areas, Football hall of fame, and the weight room that overlooking the stadium.

WSU Vet Med Facility

February through April of 2013-Vet Med Building Washington State University through Interior Development East completed their new Vet Med Facility in Pullman Washington.  DeVries unloaded 9 trailer loads of new modular furniture and placed it throughout the new four story facility.  Our company installed 120 Unite cubicles, 2 wireworks cubicles, 104 true Works cubicles, and 1 executive Krug station with over 230 new chairs and benches.  The move was completed over a 5 week period and over 1117 man hours.  As each floor was completed, the staff moved into their new stations with minimal disruptions to their work flow.

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