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Stretch Wrap Protection

When the DeVries moving team wraps our customers' upholstered furniture, just using conventional pads won't do the job. We prefer to use a special stretch wrap plastic covering for maximum protection from dirt and dust.

Stretch wrapping is quick and easy to apply. More important, it's highly effective at protecting fine fabrics from stains and dirt during all phases of the move.

Atlas policy requires packers to use this method for all overstuffed furniture. The exceptions are leather and suede, because these materials could "sweat" and become damaged if encased in plastic during transit.

Stretch wrap is a free precautionary service for all DeVries' customers. It's especially beneficial for use on white or light-colored fabrics. It's harmless to use on the most delicate upholstery. It won't damage wood or metal trim. And with stretch wrapping in place, dust won't accumulate during long-term storage.

Stretch wrap at a glance:

  • Stretch wrap is not something you must request - it's applied routinely and at no extra charge.
  • Offers spotless protection during all phases of the move
  • Applies quickly and easily to furnishings… saves significant time and protects fabrics from soiling more completely than pad wrapping.

Atlas' World-Class Commitment program directs that our customers' property will be well protected while under our care. Stretch wrap is the best protection we can offer… and we provide it at no charge.

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